Empowering SMEs and ESCOs with ESCO-in-a-box

The ESCO-in-a-box South East Asia banner graphic


ESCO-in-a-box® is an operating platform, developed by ep group with the support of the UK Department of Business Enterprise and Industrial Strategy (BEIS). 


The Platform 

ESCO-in-a-box® offers a package of resources linked by a bespoke software solution, guiding ESCOs through their full operating process: 

A cyclical graphic showing how the ESCO in a box solution moves from Site visits, audits and analysis (1), to Feasibility / audit report and related business case (2). This then advances to an energy services agreement and financing (3) before completing Project Implementation (4). The cycle concludes with Measurement and verification, operations and maintenance (5) before returning to step 1.

With ESCO-in-a-box® you can have access to:  

  • Bespoke software (Customer Relationship Management) 
  • Standardised documents, processes and due diligence guidance 
  • Expert training and capacity building 
  • International network, market insights and best practice 
  • Tools and tactics for securing finance 
  • Licensing scheme for credibility  


As a result ESCO-in-a-box® can reduce risks significantly in areas of operations and technology, modelling, financing, strategy, regulatory compliance and reputation. This has credit-enhancement effects on projects carried out by ESCOs, which in turn makes energy efficiency a significantly more attractive asset class for institutional investors. 



The operating platform is based on global best practice it is designed to be adaptable to various markets. Currently it is being utilised by ESCOs across continents including Europe, Africa and North America. As of today, EBSEA has trained three partner ESCOs in Southeast Asia in the Philippines, who now have access to ESCO-in-a-box® resources. 


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