Advising on a proposed £100m South West Low Carbon Fund

The Finerpol project is focused on identifying financial instruments and aligned policy interventions that could support the development of a public sector supported £100m low carbon fund for the South West.

Our client

Finerpol & Plymouth City Council


The aim of the FINERPOL project is to increase the rate of refurbishment of buildings to improve their energy efficiency, by improving access to investment finance through the promotion of existing policies that support the creation and deployment of suitable financial instruments.

ep group was commissioned to provide advice to the Finerpol project on policy modification and suitable financial instruments that could be used to drive investment into energy efficiency in the UK’s South West.

Alongside this ep group wrote the Ex Ante report that is a requirement of developing a public sector fund. The Ex Ante report provided the market intelligence, rationale and proposed structure for the development of a £100m South West Low Carbon Fund.

Desired outcomes

Delivery of policy advice and the identification and creation of financial instruments to support the deployment of investment into energy efficiency projects. Aligned to this ep group researched and delivered an Ex Ante report that provided the rationale for the development of a £100m South West Low Carbon Fund


The challenge?

Understanding the policy and financial instruments available for the growth of energy efficiency projects in the South West, including writing the Ex Ante report that provides the rationale for the development of a £100m South West Low Carbon fund.  


How did we help?

We utilised our expertise and experience to advise Finerpol and the collective public sector bodies on proposed low carbon fund structures and researched and delivered an Ex Ante report detailing the rationale for, and outline the operation of, the proposed £100m fund.


What were the benefits?

Clear development of fund structure and rationale for the development of the proposed fund. Still remains work in progress.   

Our team

Leo is a former army officer, civil engineer, and seasoned financier, with a specialist interest in sustainability and the delivery of social goals alongside financial ones. Leo’s conviction is garnered from pathfinding roles in military engineering, disaster relief, regeneration, and impact investing, where he has witnessed the power of collective ambition. 

Matt is a public speaker and a lifelong sustainability practitioner in the net zero and circular economy, with experience working in both corporates and SMEs. He built a sustainability and energy services business for a FTSE100 to deliver energy efficiency, renewables, and resource recovery projects for a variety of public and private sector clients. He was involved in putting the Zero Waste concept into practice in New Zealand in the 1990’s and from his first job with Greenpeace, he has maintained a passion for sustainability with a goal of making it mainstream. 

Steve is an author, public speaker, and global pioneer, driven in the pursuit of net zero and a regenerative economy. Steve has had significant impact on the energy transition in the UK and beyond with his work with corporates, investors, public sector bodies and governments. Steve is committed to implementing strong leadership and governance based on equitable and ethical business principles. 

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