we're building a network of talented business with the collective ambition to drive net zero solutions

Redefining corporate ownership for entrepreneurs

At ep group, we partner with entrepreneurs looking to secure the long-term success of their purpose-led business.

Through our corporate ownership model, are investing in and building a flourishing network of talented business innovating and delivering net zero solutions.

Companies in the group benefit from progressive finance and group resources, while retaining their autonomy and own identity.

If you’re looking to scale your small or medium enterprise, joining ep group will ensure your company achieves positive impact. We provide a long-term home for your company and employees, and a promise to deliver on your original mission.

growth funding and support

Access to new markets, cross selling and collaboration opportunities, supported by empathetic funding solutions and an ability to manage cash flow at group level.

a shared purpose

Diverse people and businesses, working collaboratively towards a shared purpose: To enable maximum impact in the transition to a net zero and regenerative economy, in an equitable way.

incentivised talent

Businesses retain autonomy and employees are incentivised through economic ownership, via our steward owned business model.

additional network benefits

Group resources, including best in class advisors and central reporting functions. A consolidated balance sheet provides access to larger projects and cheaper capital.

Our investment criteria

Net zero and regenerative infrastructure focus

Complementary products and services

Alignment with UN SDGs

Little or no bank debt

Founders seeking value realisation

Positive EBITDA

"Businesses are often founded by passionate entrepreneurs, with a very clear purpose. Our model writes that purpose into the DNA of your company."

Join ep group

Step 1: Invest (with a target of 60 days from Heads of Terms)

We invest the capital to secure at least 51% of each company, in exchange for ep group shares.
In this way, you have skin in the game and benefit from the group’s collective success. It also means we can protect governance and control from extractive capital.
If you’re looking to exit your business, we arrange a straightforward handover and promise to protect your team, culture and mission, for the long-term.

Step 2: Grow

In the first 90 days we work with you to develop a long-term plan for sustainable growth. Our team has the expertise, empathy and zeal to help your business maximise its potential.
As part of ep group, you can access progressive, long-term capital, new markets and larger projects. You also benefit from central support services, like HR, legal and marketing, and best-in-class advisors.
Our corporate ownership model incentivises your employees to succeed. And you continue to operate autonomously, with your own brand and identify.
Importantly – we promise to protect your core mission, with profits reinvested to serve purpose.

Step 3: Realise value

We’re focusing on growing ep group and then listing on a stock exchange, while protecting purpose and principles. This will create more value for you than selling your company privately as a stand-alone business.

Join us as we grow

Wherever you are on your journey – if you’re a business owner who shares our aspirations for net zero, we’d love to hear from you.