The challenge of the century: creating a net zero and regenerative economy

In recent years, we’ve seen good progress embedding sustainability into the economy.

But we need to go further. We need to move beyond practices that limit harm, to an economy that’s regenerative. One that restores nature, values resources, and promotes climate resilience alongside an equitable society.

As an impact-led organisation, our mission is to drive the shift towards a net zero and regenerative economy.

Through the work of our companies, we’re starting to see the impact of our efforts, both in the UK and beyond.

Impact investment vs ESG

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investment is growing rapidly – prioritising these factors alongside financial gain. It’s a useful tool that allows investors to understand and report on material risks and growth.

True impact investing is about more than reporting. It requires engagement, direction and leadership.

That’s why we focus on impact investment. It’s broader and bolder than ESG. It requires a proactive approach, with the intention to create a tangible, positive impact.

Theory of Change

At ep Group, all of our operations are designed to create maximum sustainable impact. In support, we adopted the Theory of Change strategic tool for identifying and strengthening the links between our organisations activities and positive social outcomes. The Theory of Change tool binds our operations to particular long term objectives which in turn are connected to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

How we measure impact

Our measurement systems are based on the Impact Management Programme Framework. This informs our decision making for management and investment.

Read about our Theory of Change on page 6 of our latest impact report.

“ep Group is an impact driven organisation designed to accelerate the vital shift toward a net zero and regenerative economy. Measuring the Groups’ impact annually is an essential feedback loop that helps us outline our priorities for the future”

Join us as we grow

If you share our aspirations to create positive impact – either as a business owner or a potential investor – we’d love to hear from you.