At ep group, our mission is to accelerate the shift to a net zero and regenerative economy. We combine progressive corporate ownership with catalytic capital, empowering entrepreneurs to achieve maximum impact.

We believe a better future is possible

We’re beginning to feel the shift to a regenerative economy, one that restores nature, values resources, and promotes climate resilience alongside an equitable society.

That shift, however, also requires changing the way we finance and run companies.

The business opportunity from the shift is massive. Central to this opportunity are thousands of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) delivering solutions – but they’re limited by access to the right type of finance and ownership, and are often off-limits to many investors.

"Making the shift to a net-zero, sustainable, and ultimately regenerative society is a generational opportunity."

Creating impact takes time.

Impact-led businesses need patient capital to realise their potential. That’s long-term investment where stakeholders wait for financial returns, in anticipation of wider environmental or societal impact.

At ep group, we connect progressive impact investors with talented businesses who need progressive capital to scale.

In this way, we maximise quality investment for companies and provide impact investors with a route to drive the net zero transition.

Protecting purpose: redefining corporate ownership and organisational structure

When a company joins the ep group, we safeguard its purpose: after compensating founders and investors, profits are reinvested to serve purpose.

Being part of our stewarded network brings central support, resources and access to wider opportunities. Businesses operate autonomously, and owners and employees retain shares – and so are motivated to succeed. This aligns all stakeholders around a common cause, boosting the potential for wider impact.

We’re redefining corporate ownership. Our model harnesses the power of profitable business and keeps the spotlight on our mission to drive net zero.

“If we are going to make that transition, the frontier of design is beyond products. It is in the design of business itself.

This is the space where really important and exciting innovation is going to happen and is just beginning.”

enhanced performance

Direct investment and access to group resources, including best-in-class advisors and central reporting functions (financial and impact).

incentivised teams

Businesses retain autonomy and employees are incentivised through economic ownership, via our steward owned business model.

network effects

Access to new markets, cross-selling and collaboration opportunities, as well as larger projects and cheaper capital through a consolidated balance sheet.

value realisation

Founders/ Owners retain a significant shareholding in their business. Value and liquidity for all economic stakeholders are realised through a planned exit.

A business model for the future

Our model is designed with risk management in mind, and a clear path to value creation.

We acquire at least 51% of each company joining ep group, in exchange for shares in the group. This lets our stewards work closely with companies to guide their sustainable growth.

Our team has the expertise, empathy and zeal to help businesses maximise their potential. This model also protects against extractive capital.

Founders can stay active in the business. But if you’re looking to exit, we provide a stable, long-term home for employees and a promise to honour your core mission.

Investment criteria

We focus on scalable SMEs that are profitable, debt-free and where the founders are seeking value realisation. We’re particularly interested in those working towards these United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

  • Affordable and clean energy
  • Industry, innovation and infrastructure
  • Sustainable cities and commodities
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Climate action

Net zero and regenerative infrastructure focus

Complementary products and services

Alignment with UN SDGs

Little or no bank debt

Founders seeking value realisation

Positive EBITDA

Join us as we grow

Speaking your language? We’d love to discuss how we could drive the shift to net zero, together.