Renewing Retrofit: learn more about the H2020 RenoZEB project

Installation of the RenoZEB facade

Introducing RenoZEB:

The “Accelerating Energy renovation solution for Zero Energy buildings and Neighbourhoods” or RenoZEB project is a Horizon2020 project, funded by the European Union, involving 19 consortium partners from 9 European nations. 

The project aims to unlock the nearly-Zero-Energy-Building (nZEB) renovation market by increasing property value through a new systemic approach to retrofitting, where existing buildings are upgraded with new materials or technologies to reduce the building’s energy usage. 

This approach provides end-to-end support for all organisations involved in carrying out retrofits, including innovative technologies, processes and decision-making methods to provide guidance on nZEB building renovation action. 

In particular, RenoZEB provides cost-effective façade solutions for large-scale deep retrofits, with panels that integrate ventilation, insulation, plumbing and wiring, as well as innovative renewable generation and building controls. Amongst their various benefits, these technologically advanced panels can provide ~30% savings in occupant compensation costs from disruptive construction, alongside a ~50% reduction in panel cost compared to their nearest competitor. In parallel to this innovation, the RenoZEB processes and digital platform ensure that all the necessary components, methodologies, training, guidelines, and demonstration cases are integrated and accessible across the supply chain.

This addresses some key issues within current retrofit approaches, notably the need for retrofits that do not disturb occupants, but still provide a quick, cost-effective and quality-assured service, which will unlock deep energy reductions (up to ~65%), helping Europe to quickly reduce building emissions. This will help to fight our climate crisis, but will also ensure that all Europeans can afford proper indoor thermal comfort, a key concern given the recent rise in gas prices across the continent. 

EP Group is proud to have contributed to the business modelling of this novel approach, developing market analyses and business cases that can help realise these innovations within the wider market: you may be seeing RenoZEB façades near you soon! If you would like to learn more about our work and how it will revolutionise buildings near you soon, please follow this page or sign up to the RenoZEB newsletter today! 

A Valuable Solution: Architectural and Financial Perspectives

EP Group is proud to support Europe’s Renovation Wave, and our transition to Net Zero, from multiple fronts. Beyond our consultancy work making energy efficient facade systems “pay off”, our project development wing has dived into the RenoZEB solution to reveal its value from an architectural perspective. Why not read through the case study linked below to learn more about this valuable solution:
RenoZEB CaseStudies

Modelling the Façades of the Future: RenoZEB & BIM

Are you a Building Information Modelling (BIM) professional or interested in the role of BIM in architectural design? If so you may be interested in our latest post on the topic from our BIM experts over at EP Projects:

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