ep group leverages research and analysis to develop bespoke strategies and tools to help our clients achieve their energy, carbon, and sustainability objectives.

Our research areas cover key areas of interests for clients looking to make tangible progress in their low carbon transition.  Whether energy efficiency as a service, smart meters, or innovative net zero financing instruments, our research is relevant for corporates, institutional investors, governments and multi-lateral organisations. 

Regardless of topic or client, our analysis takes into consideration multiple factors; political drivers, technology trends, investment opportunities, and emerging business models.

We are also part of the consortia for three current Horizon 2020 projects:

  • EN-TRACK, creating systems to make energy efficiency investments a mainstream activity of the financial sector.
  • CREATORS, co-creating advanced community energy systems by supporting technical, financial and social processes to create resilient and low-carbon energy systems that serve and engage the communities they support.
  • RenoZEB, aims to unlock the nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) renovation market by increasing property value through a new systemic approach to retrofitting. 

Tools we have developed include:

  • The Investor Confidence Project Europe, which we introduced to Europe from the USA and is now deployed and is usable by project developers across the EU
  • The Local Authority Energy Index which covered 100 local authorities in England and ran for two years.
  • The Energy Efficiency Financial Institutions Group’s Underwriting Toolkit, a resource for financial institutions to assess the value and risk of energy efficiency projects and programmes.
  • A Guide to Energy Performance Contracting for Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland.

New business models we have developed include:

  • ESCO-in-a-box – a licensable model that enables community based organisations or SMEs to set-up and build an Energy Services Company. As well as the UK this model is now being rolled out in Africa.
  • Having introduced an early stage investor to the company we are also working with Recurve to introduce metered efficiency to Europe.
  • We were also the first European organisation to join the Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure Coalition.

Our clients for development include: European Commission Horizon 2020, Environmental Defense Fund, BEIS