ep Group leads the Critical Energy Resilience for Ukraine (CERU) project

zinchenko 2may 2024-13

ep is working with an outstanding group of partners including Helios Strategia, Swanbarton Ltd and Ukrainian NGO, Zeleny Svit, to deliver this important and timely project.

The CERU project aims to provide critical load management and energy resilience for communities and facilities, including health centres and kindergartens, through an innovative Energy Management System (EMS) combined with a solar PV and storage installation. Energy infrastructure has been consistently targeted by Russian attacks creating significant grid pressure and unreliable supply.

The project will initially set up a system, comprising a solar power plant combined with battery storage and EMS in Poland. Ukrainian partners will be trained on the installation and operation of the CERU EMS, prior to the system being redeployed to a community in the Dnipro region of Ukraine. The facility will serve 3,100 citizens of the surrounding 18 villages, providing power and critical load management to the school, kindergarten, and outpatient clinic.

The project will provide training for Ukrainian military veterans, combining professional psychological support for combat stress together with technical skills development in the installation and operation of solar power, storage and energy management systems.

In the longer term, constrained energy access will likely persist after the cessation of hostilities, creating the need for continued provision of critical load management supported by cutting-edge energy management and optimisation. ep’s Ukrainian partner Helios is well placed to introduce this innovative solution to a range of public and private energy users that will need dependable and resilient energy access.

The project is part of a wider partnership between UK and Ukraine, which focuses on supporting the recovery and future sustainability of Ukraine’s energy systems. The following images were taken at the Launch Party hosted by the UK Embassy in Kyiv, which involved speakers such as David Cameron, Martin Harris and Herman Halushchenko.

The programme aims to rebuild Ukraine’s energy system, displace fossil fuels and to support post-war recovery. Ukraine has a well-developed renewable energy industry that is actively looking to expand storage to support grid resilience, for which there is a clear and growing need for effective energy management systems. This is the wider challenge that the project aims to help solve.

"Today we have a chance to demonstrate that the struggle for energy independence is a fight for the future. The green transition goes way beyond ecology or distributed generation. For Ukraine, this is a matter of national security. I am sure that the implementation of the project in the field of green technologies is of great importance for the future cooperation between Ukraine and the UK in the energy sector.."

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