Bosch Energy and Building Services (BEBS)


Market research using EnergyPro’s understanding of the UK energy services market to identify and evaluate potential acquisition targets that could provide increased capability and capacity for the expansion of the BEBS business.


EP were tasked with the identification and evaluation of prospective acquisition targets using key business metrics agreed with BEBS for companies operating in the UK market.

With a clear brief agreed between EnergyPro and BEBS for the identification of UK operational businesses within the energy market that could add value to the developing BEBS business through a potential acquisition, EP identified and assessed over 300 potential businesses and through a clear scoring process narrowed it down to 10 businesses that met the criteria that BEBS required.


Strategic consultancy and acquisition support

People involved

SF / MP / MT

Desired outcomes

The identification of potential UK businesses operating in the energy sector that could be approached as a potential acquisition target for BEBS.

The challenge?

To understand BEBS’s strategy and agree a scope of business types that would meet BEBS acquisition criteria. EP consultants then used their networks and market knowledge to identify and assess UK businesses operating in the market that met the scope of requirement of BEBS. These businesses were assessed aligned to a set criteria reducing an initial sweep of companies from over 300 to 10 suitable acquisition targets.

How are we helping?

We helped BEBS shape the scope of the potential businesses that could be suitable acquisition targets and then carried out the market assessment to identify and assess potential acquisition targets for their UK market expansion.

What were the benefits?

We identified suitable acquisition targets for BEBS strategic expansion using EnergyPro’s expertise and market knowledge.

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Steve is an author, public speaker, and global pioneer, driven in the pursuit of net zero and a regenerative economy. Steve has had significant impact on the energy transition in the UK and beyond with his work with corporates, investors, public sector bodies and governments. Steve is committed to implementing strong leadership and governance based on equitable and ethical business principles. 

Matt is a public speaker and a lifelong sustainability practitioner in the net zero and circular economy, with experience working in both corporates and SMEs. He built a sustainability and energy services business for a FTSE100 to deliver energy efficiency, renewables, and resource recovery projects for a variety of public and private sector clients. He was involved in putting the Zero Waste concept into practice in New Zealand in the 1990’s and from his first job with Greenpeace, he has maintained a passion for sustainability with a goal of making it mainstream. 

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