Developing a circular economy training course for financiers

Development of an on-line interactive course on resource efficiency technologies and how the Green for Growth Fund’s resource efficiency finance can be used to deploy funds into resource efficiency projects.

The project

ep group developed a set of training tools to help financial personnel understand the circular economy and resource recovery sectors, and how green finance can be delivered into these sectors.

ep group’s team’s experience and expertise on financing sustainable projects was used to design and deliver an on-line interactive course covering:

  • resource recovery technologies
  • the circular economy
  • other areas that need to be taken into consideration when deploying these sustainable technologies.

The completed course also outlines commercial and financial issues that need to be addressed and areas that need to be considered by investing financial institutions.

We invest in companies which are active in building a more sustainable and equitable society, and where we can add value.  

Those areas include:

– All aspects of energy efficiency, distributed energy, energy storage and the energy transition

– Sustainable construction and development

– Clean technology

– Advanced materials

– Circular economy

– Sustainable agriculture

We can also work with companies to effect steward ownership, either within ep group or independently. 

If you are involved in any of these areas and would like to see how we might work together we’d love to hear from you.

Desired outcomes

The development of an educational online course for personnel within the financial community to inform them on areas to consider when looking to deploy investment into the resource recovery and circular economy sectors.

The challenge?

To understand the learning needs of the financial community and the development of an interactive and informative online learning tool for use within the financial sector.

How did we help?

ep group worked with GGF to design the structure and content of the course, prior to drafting the course with the assistance of the Circle Economy. The course included multiple videos to provide both online and visual learning tools.  

What were the benefits?

Delivery of a clear and concise online course for personnel within the financial sector to learn about the resource recovery and circular economy and considerations they need to have prior to investment into this sector.

Our team

Matt is a public speaker and a lifelong sustainability practitioner in the net zero and circular economy, with experience working in both corporates and SMEs. He built a sustainability and energy services business for a FTSE100 to deliver energy efficiency, renewables, and resource recovery projects for a variety of public and private sector clients. He was involved in putting the Zero Waste concept into practice in New Zealand in the 1990’s and from his first job with Greenpeace, he has maintained a passion for sustainability with a goal of making it mainstream. 

Steve is an author, public speaker, and global pioneer, driven in the pursuit of net zero and a regenerative economy. Steve has had significant impact on the energy transition in the UK and beyond with his work with corporates, investors, public sector bodies and governments. Steve is committed to implementing strong leadership and governance based on equitable and ethical business principles. 

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