Joining forces to drive decarbonisation into Greater Birmingham and Solihull

ESCO-in-a-box. A decarbonisation solution for delivering energy efficiency projects for hard-to-reach businesses.

The project

GBSLEP, through the Midlands Energy Hub (MEH) intend to learn from and replicate the ESCO-in-a-box business support programme trialled in Oxfordshire by the ESOx partnership.

GBSLEP and the associated Growth Hub are developing a one-stop-shop to make decarbonisation easy and efficient for businesses in the region. It is anticipated that the development of the ESCO-in-a-box solution will be an effective approach for business support programmes delivering business decarbonisation. It will also provide an exemplar of low and zero carbon best practice and integration of low carbon innovation in support of local Net Zero targets in the region.

The plan

GBSLEP sees ESCO-in-a-box as a vehicle to bring together Low Carbon Goods and Environmental Technology Sectors providers, green adopters and investors, and therefore presents an effective solution to deliver some of the objectives identified in the regional Low Carbon and Environmental Technologies Delivery Plan.

The ESCO-in-a-box model will also help deliver some of the other objectives shared by GBSLEP and MEH, including: 

  • De-risk low carbon investment; 
  • Increase economic development: Energy efficiency can create new jobs and increase competitiveness; 
  • Mitigate climate change: This project supports decarbonisation agenda and contributes towards the local, regional and national carbon reduction targets; 
  • Enable the growth of the Low Carbon sector.


Alex Taylor, Low Carbon Policy Officer, Greater Birmingham and Solihull LEP says:

“GBSLEP has just launched its new Sustainability Hub to offer support to West Midlands businesses that want to decarbonise, and to help local companies to start offering green products and services. The ESCO-in-a-box team have provided valuable support, and this is just the beginning.  During 2022 GBSLEP intends to roll out ESCO services through the Sustainability Hub and is currently planning the delivery of the clean growth programme and identifying the most suitable regional partners.”

Serena Bacuzzi, Regional Senior Energy Pojects Officer, Midlands Energy Hub says:

“GBSLEP is developing a one-stop-shop to make decarbonisation easy and efficient for businesses in the region. The use of ESCO-in-a-box will demonstrate a new innovative approach for business support programmes, and provide an exemplar of low and zero carbon best practice in support of local Net Zero targets.”


Our team

Alex has been an entrepreneur in the clean energy sector for around 15 years. He founded respected energy analytics business EEVS Insight in 2011 and has led a number of consultancy teams, advising corporate and public sector clients on energy strategies and developing innovative business models that make sense of energy efficiency. Alex holds a Masters degree in electrical engineering from Imperial College London and an MBA from Ashridge Business School, and is a Chartered Engineer. Alex has spent his entire career trying to address climate change, which he views as an unprecedented opportunity for creating a better, more equitable world. 

Armin is a multifaceted professional and entrepreneur with more than 15 years of international experience working on clean energy topics in public and private sector organisations. He is fluent in English, French and German, and maintains an extensive global network in the energy sector. Armin is passionate about the role of policies and governance in driving the transition to a sustainable, low carbon energy system.

Connor provides an interdisciplinary background ranging from data structures to environmental economics and sociotechnical change. Connor earned a First-Class Master of Natural Sciences degree for his novel research into market-based carbon accounting and corporate signalling at the University of East Anglia, where he founded and continues to support the “Any Last Words?” climate communication competition, highlighting a long-standing commitment to improve science communication and climate engagement as a public good. 

Contact us if you are interested in becoming a potential licensee of ESCO-in-a-box – especially Councils, Local Authorities, LEPs, Community Energy Organisations.