Finance is key to the climate emergency

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ep group have developed a definitive guide for leaders who wish to show the way by increasing investment into energy efficiency.

Improving energy efficiency could deliver a 45% reduction in global emissions, in a way that can be profitable, so business leaders and CFOs have a duty to grasp this challenge and show businesses how it can be done. On behalf of UNESCWA ep group developed a toolkit to help policy makers and others develop effective financing tools for energy efficiency in buildings in the Arab region.

Drawing on global best practice the toolkit guides decision makers through the essential elements of designing financing instruments and discusses how to overcome the barriers to implementation. Although it was developed for the Arab region the principles are universal and apply to countries, regions and organisations.

ep group are available to help you apply this know how to your organisation, whether it is a large corporate or an investor. Finance must lead the way, in addressing our climate emergency, so it’s down to you to act now.

Access the toolkit here:

Listen to the toolkit launch webinar here: