New metered energy savings report

Screenshot 2021-03-15 110057

ep group has long championed the idea of metered energy savings, and were delighted to be invited by the Green Finance Institute to chair their Working Group on this important enabler of the UK’s home retrofit market.

The Working Group has collected the views of the retrofit and financial sectors to propose a high-level specification for a metered savings protocol for the UK, and we are pleased to present this newly released white paper.

Metered efficiency could be transformational for energy efficiency and flexibility in UK, offering the opportunity for pay-for-performance contracts.

This overcomes the performance gap problem because you only pay for what is actually delivered, establishing real markets for efficiency and flexibility.

This represents a major step forward towards capturing the true value of behind-the-meter energy efficiency.

We hope this will allow energy efficiency and demand-side load shaping to take its place as a fundamental part of the UK’s energy system decarbonisation.

We have worked closely with US pioneer Recurve to advocate the use of metered energy savings and are looking to partner with innovative supply companies or distribution companies who want to develop metered efficiency applications in the UK.

If you would like to discuss further please contact us, or if you know people who would be interested in this, please forward on.