Our approach to raising capital is first to conduct our own due diligence, looking at potential impact, team, scalability, and investability. Where needed we advise the company on areas that need improvement prior to investment.

We identify shortcomings and help management put them right.

Then we match the investment to the investors, working with our partners Cameron Barney, and a range of investors including angels, HNWs, VCs, PEs and institutional investors. 

We have close relationships with a range of funds covering all stages from venture to scale-up to infrastructure, as well as specialist advisers.

We have helped raised capital for businesses at various stages from start-up to growth capital; including Estover; M2030; Corre and E-Energy, as well as our own spin outs.

Our team have also raised capital for c.£1bn of energy infrastructure projects, as well as for dedicated funds.