Businesses face an increasingly complex energy landscape.  New technologies and new markets are creating opportunities to generate energy and reduce and flex demand, offering fresh sources of value for companies prepared to go beyond business-as-usual. Now is the time to scale-up.

We understand that developing a modern energy strategy isn’t a core business activity and often needs external support.  Our team of highly experienced specialists have advised and operated businesses within the energy market and bring this knowledge to our clients to guide them through the complexity of the energy transition.

For our corporate clients, we analyse business objectives, operations, and their asset base against the technical and commercial landscape to design the right energy strategies for you.  Our clients boost their energy productivity, reduce their environmental impact, and decrease risk.

For providers of energy technologies and services, we advise on developing business models and strategies for the new energy world.  

We provide access to finance and investment, and use our market-leading expertise in standardisation, aggregation, and quality assurance to ensure deployed solutions meet the highest standards.

How we help

  • Corporate energy strategy
  • Implementation support – Supplier selection; procurement support; financing energy initiatives; managing performance
  • Compliance and reporting
  • Energy market strategies