ep group™ appoints Greenbackers to raise war chest for investment into SMEs delivering sustainable impact at scale

ep group™ appoints Greenbackers to raise war chest for investment into SMEs delivering sustainable impact at scale

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ep group™, based in London, UK, work with governments, NGOs and think tanks at all levels to develop strategies and implement transformative programmes to help navigate the transition to a low carbon future. In the private sector, they work with business of all sizes connecting the dots between energy, climate, technology, and finance.

In delivering into this marketplace ep group™ has identified an urgent need to scale up responses to environmental problems, something which is a challenge for SMEs which lack advantages of scale, such as access to capital and, in parallel, to solve the fundamental issues in shareholder capitalism and transition to stakeholder-based models.

All of that work has led ep group™ to develop an agglomeration platform which acquires SMEs delivering services to the energy transition.

The ep group™ platform creates value through performance management, network effects, alignment of interests and a clear pathway to listing. In so doing, stakeholders benefit from liquidity, risk mitigation and further investment opportunities via an ethical and impactful route.

The ep group™ market comprises thousands of UK companies that meet their impact criteria. Helped by M&A advisors, they have initially engaged with 7 companies valued at c £14m from a  pipeline of 25 validated prospects.

Dr Steven Fawkes, Founder and Managing Partner of ep group™ commented: “We are a purpose-driven enterprise designed to deliver capital growth, positive, scalable, and sustainable impact, and a route to liquidity.  Our business model is to accelerate the growth of our investee companies through patient capital and proactive stewardship, benefiting from the advantages of being part of a larger group and associated network effects.”

Greenbackers Investment Capital will be managing ep group™ Series A Private Placement via their Investment Showcase, a by-invitation digital deal room connecting VC’s, Corporate Venture Funds, Impact funds, Angel Syndicates, and other professional investors to pre-screened, curated, investment-ready ventures.  By providing a secure, deal-sharing platform to streamline origination and increase efficiency, they now have over 320 professional funds participating, enabling syndication and co-investment.

Robert Hokin, Managing Partner at Greenbackers said “Steven and his team have identified a genuine challenge which is hampering SME’s from playing a significant role in de-carbonising the economy. To address it, they developed an innovative platform approach to help solve these issues, with a strong income model attached to it. Platform approaches to net-zero implementation are a key element in tackling climate change and we at Greenbackers are delighted to be helping them accelerate their pathway to funding. Our deal platform was created to help funds to easily scout and access the most investible climate technology deals, wherever they are based. The ep group’s™ impressive management team and advisory board, coupled with a solution based on their extensive and wide-ranging consultancy experiences, is a very compelling business proposition – we look forward to working with them.”

About Greenbackers Investment Capital: Greenbackers is a specialist venture firm focussed on climate & cleantech capital globally. Operate from London, Glasgow, and Houston. Their mission is to accelerate equity capital flows into investable climate technology businesses. https://greenbackers.com

For more information on ep group™ contact Andrew Smith, Executive Director, Greenbackers Investment Capital. andrew.smith@greenbackers.com