Join us for our MBenefits Workshop 22nd June 2021

MBenefits Workshop LinkedIn card 26052021

We are pleased to offer you the opportunity of a place on our one-day MBenefits workshop. If you want to create more compelling energy efficiency and carbon emission reduction business cases, this workshop will enable you to do that.

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Every business in the world is tasked with doing their bit to address energy efficiency and carbon reduction, but progress is often hampered because the rewards don’t seem tangible enough to get buy-in.  But energy performance is only one element of the many positive impacts.

That’s where the MBenefits analysis method comes in. For the first time this methodology enables quantification of all the benefits and is proven to build better business cases.

Used by over 30 organisations, including Nestlé and 3M, MBenefits provides a tried and tested way to quantify the important additional benefits and make energy efficiency strategic. It also helps energy professionals communicate those benefits effectively.

In conjunction with the creator of MBenefits, Catherine Cooremans of the University of Lausanne, the workshop will show you how energy efficiency delivers improvements in productivity, wellbeing and safety to name but a few. There are in fact more than 60 potential positive impacts for businesses. We will share with you what they are and how to calculate them using the MBenefits toolkit.

At the end of the workshop you will be able to:

  • Understand the MBenefits methodology
  • Make a comprehensive and documented assessment of the all benefits of energy & carbon investments
  • Reconcile energy & carbon improvements with core business and traditional financial metrics
  • Present your projects in a more convincing way.

Places on this workshop are limited to 15 and it is important that you can participate for the whole day.  To view the agenda please click here: MBenefits workshop agenda June 2021.

If you are interested, we will be in contact with information on availability of future workshops if there isn’t enough space on this workshop or the date isn’t suitable.

Reliable, inclusive, consistent and decisive, the MBenefits approach wins buy-in for energy & carbon efficiency projects. We look forward to showing you how.