Financing is one of the most important and potentially daunting aspects of the clean energy and net zero transition. Our team can help.

There have been great strides in sustainable or ‘green’ finance in recent years and the direction of travel is clear. However, much work remains.

ep group has extensive experience of advising financial institutions and developing, raising, and operating, energy efficiency and sustainability funds.

We have advised and supported the deployment of millions of pounds of investment into businesses and projects that support the net zero and regenerative economy. 

Areas of expertise and advice include types of products, markets, business models, access to finance, access to performance insurance, and establishing funds.

Aligned to our research and management of projects and programmes such as ICP, EN-TRACK, and CREATORS, we also have direct experience of supporting the development of and running of investment funds, as well as enabling investment into sustainability projects and businesses.

We operate on a global, national and regional level. 

We are working with the UK government on a new development-focused financing instrument for large-scale net zero projects. We carried out the EX Ante report for a proposed £100m low carbon fund for the South West. And looking to the wider world and with an eye on the future, ep group is also part of the UK-India Sustainable Finance Forum, which runs in parallel to our other extensive work in India through ep asset management.

So whether you are a corporate, a government institution, or a multilateral, our finance experts are here to advise you. Contact us to find out more.